Review: Lava X8Q

Lava X8Q is only available in Black ★★  Lava is a mobile phone company which is founded in India, most of its production is in China li...

Lava X8Q is only available in Black
★★ Lava is a mobile phone company which is founded in India, most of its production is in China like most phones do. They are one of those company that sells no camera and no GPS smartphone which is called X8S.

By the looks of Lava X8Q, it has a pretty decent style with polished glossy black front bezel and back with silver accent (front lower bezel and sides).

However build quality is not as premium as it looks. Well at least for a phone costing from 300 to 350 AED, its not bad at all. It is definitely not gorilla glass but instead an Asahi Dragontail glass which I personally don't know.

What bring this phone competitive with Lenovo's A6000 is its camera. With 5 Megapixels front, any regular person taking selfies will actually admire this candy-bar phone.

Its unique feature also is the magic gesture which can be toggled from the notification area by swiping from top left area of the screen downwards. This will open the gesture panel in which firstly you can setup your gesture to whatever actions on the list provided that you'd like to activate. Per experience, I suggest you do a simple one-stroke character so the phone will easily detect and would not cause any inconvenience to you.

Please do not expect too much on its 2500MAh of battery. Do mind how you use your phone. I've done a test run and for normal users it can have 5hours for standby plus 2 hours for whatsapp with facebook on a Wifi connection. But on a data connection, a consecutive facebook using will only be 1-2hours.

Dual Sim (Micro)
8GB Internal Storage, expandable up to 32GB (with dedicated slot)
2500MAh Battery (non removable)
8MP rear camera, 5MP front camera
5'' IPS Screen
USB-OTG support
Comes with flip cover and plastic screen protector

My verdict.

This phone's quality is not in par with Samsung's entry level android phone, but if this sells only for 300AED then yes it is a good deal. Decent front camera.

Other models you should look out in this range: Lenovo A6000, Huawei Y6, OBI S502, Hisense U971

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review or advertisement, this is my actual experience and review on the product.

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