Ring Resthouse: Hideout from the City

Do you want to go on a trip or wanted to stay overnight in a peaceful place away from the hustle and bustle but still wanna be on the grid?...

Do you want to go on a trip or wanted to stay overnight in a peaceful place away from the hustle and bustle but still wanna be on the grid? ★★★

This Ring Rest-house lies in the hill side part of Labangon Tisa. Directly Accessible when you own a private vehicle and if you are commuting with jeepney and single motorcycle.


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I had to commend on the rooms, although there are only two available rooms for the guests that time. These two rooms are spacious and cozy, perfect for couples or small family.

The rooms rates are affordable basing on its amenities such as the pools and its location. Starts at Php 2,000 overnight which they allow for 3 persons, I don't know about the extra visitors.. Entrance for day use/pool use is a hundred each person.

During our stay, we thought that we would occupy room 1. We stayed for several hours there. I wasn't expecting that much space because the spiral stair wasn't so attractive to me because I find it narrow and I have fear of heights. When I opened the door I was overwhelmed that it felt very homey. There's a large king size bed, a large flat LCD TV, cute refrigerator, air-con, and a balcony overlooking the smaller pool and the hillside.

room one at ring resthouse

photo courtesy of ring resthouse facebook

photo courtesy of ring resthouse facebook

We had to move out to Room 2, since our companion who paid for the stay wanted the other side for overlooking view of the city and the seaside.

Room 2 is smaller than the first, it has queen size bed, still with same attachments. But it features a lovely view of the hillside, the city lights, the pier, the coastline, and SRP. Now I knew why she'd pick this room.


The first two pools we glimpsed felt like puddles to me. And there were lots of people that time that it crowded the bigger pool. I was dissapointed.

photo courtesy of ring resthouse facebook

Later on, I found out there is a decent size pool downstairs. And i was excited that the features of the place came to me like easter egg hunt.

Excited, I swam and inspected the lower part of the place. There are still cottages on going constructions and I bet there's a third room on its way.

photo courtesy of ring resthouse facebook

There's a bar on the main level of the resort*, a mini one and tables. I even saw a mini stage disassembled, so for those who are planning an event with small scale crowd, you may want to examine Ring Resthouse.

How To Get There

directions to ring resthouse

If you have a car it is convenient to get there but there were no clear areas where to park.

1. Ride a jeep that go to Tisa, Labangon. The 12 Jeepneys regularly pass by. Make sure you drop by the Tisa Market, where you can see the Mang Tinapay Bakery.

2. From the market, you can choose to ride a motorcycle single or with side car and ask them to take you to ring resthouse.

From what we've done. Just drive straight to the hills, it should be called Cebu South Hills. Just make sure to look for the signage, there should be enough for you to figure out. The last signage points to a downward slope, it should fit your car but leaving it along the mainroad seems easier. You'll find a stair case and readily you'll find the entrance.

We we're not charge of any corkages as the resort* does not offer much servings. But make sure you clean up.

The owner was really accommodating and finds time to check on their guests, at least on day time.

The stay should be comfortable, although I wasn't able to stay the whole night.

If you're visiting with family or friends make sure you pack up accordingly and safety first.

Contact Ring Resthouse
Location: Banika, Lower South hills, Tisa, Cebu City
Telephone number: 032- 2615247 / 032-5143680 / 032-5143561

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  1. I am not sure I will find myself in that area in Cebu City. However, this is good information for tourists who will be in that area. Amenities and pools look great.

  2. What a lovely place to visit for a weekend getaway the views are beautiful.

  3. Oh, this would have been a perfect place to stay in during my Cebu visit! Love how the owner personally asks guests how it is.

  4. This is really spacious for P2,000. It would be a really comfortable place for a visit.

  5. Wow, this is such a lovely place and I haven't heard about this place yet. Anyway, I like the place since the room looks spacious and very clean. The view is also awesome.

  6. What i wouldnt give to be in one of those pools. Great post and great pics!

  7. Indeed a gorgeous weekend getaway! I'm always in lookout for weekend places, coz I hardly get to go on long vacations!


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