Kasadya sa SRP What You Should Know

Kasadya sa SRP is a carnival started last 2014  way back in 2011. Kasadya means Joy and SRP or South Road Properties where the fair is lo...

Kasadya sa SRP is a carnival started last 2014 way back in 2011. Kasadya means Joy and SRP or South Road Properties where the fair is located, is part of the attraction during the Sinulog Season.

a view of kasadya sa srp

I haven't been to the carnival since it was started so I was hoping for a very delightful experience, and I was not dissapointed. Although...

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I came from a small town and having to see and experience these attractions are marvelous to me. Even looking at people on scary rides are sometimes funny.

And so during my visits, I should share things that you should know and prepare in case you haven't gone there.

a view of kasadya sa srp

First, a vehicle of your own or hired, as long as it waits for you. Because there are not taxis around as I have noticed.

If you're not in a hurry or have so much time to spend, they usually open at 6pm up to 2am. But just in case, get there as early as you can. On our second visit on a Saturday the parking area were full although we got a little lucky on the sea side.

Secondly, empty thy bladder and stomachs. During our visit, there were no visible signs of rest rooms. Me and a female friend ended up using the dark area in the sea wall to relieve ourselves. 

There are rides that would make you feel like throwing up, so its better when you haven't had buffet or something.

Third, wear comfortable attire such as wearing shoes and pants. The field is fairly covered with sand but at some areas there are puddles and muds.

An additional towel is convenient to cover yourself when it is already urgent for you to void. I suggest somewhere in the seawall, at the back of the stage where it is dark.

one of the attraction in kasadya sa srp

Fourth, probably an umbrella. And its better when you have someone who will hold your things while you're on the rides screaming. During our visit, it rained and there are few shelter you can go to versus the number of people.

Some other points to ponder. The rides usually cost Php 50.

When you're with kids, make sure to check the rides first before you hop on it with them. There were no restrictions with age and height but I saw parents riding with their kids, but still I found it very scary. You decide, I rode the pirate swinging galleon with a kid and we both were scare.

And of course make sure you have fun. Don't forget to share the selfies and groufies.

view of kasadya sa srp

view of kasadya sa srp

view of kasadya sa srp

friends enjoying the kasadya sa srp

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